There is a little known secret to being more productive, and it’s so simple anyone can do it.

The technology in an iPhone has more processing power than the US Air Defence Command had in 1965. It’s a stupendous piece of innovation to have in our hands, available at any moment to connect, plan, write, search and photograph our way through modern life.

With the ability to load any kind of app, we’re spoilt for choice in terms of productivity software for making life easier.
But there is one simple productivity hack that all phones have, but no-one tells you about.
Imagine having this secret to getting more done, and never really knowing about it or using it?

Step 1
Open your phone.
Step 2
Locate the off button at the top.
Step 3
Turn your phone off.

How simple was that? It takes seconds to do and can provide you with all kinds of benefits

More time to read
More time to play with children (if you have them!)
More contentment (i.e. less comparing on Facebook)
More time to actually focus on work
More quality time with your partner
More quality time with friends
More time to actually watch a programme rather than tweet about it
More time to sit quietly without interruptions
More me-time
More time to enjoy nature

Try this simple productivity hack when you get home from work tonight. You’ll be amazed how much it frees you up.

Mr Dodd

Mr Dodd

I love to write books for young children, ponder the big wobbly questions of life and create artworks that make your eyes smile. This is my website.

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